Friday, November 21, 2008

Take Courage

As I mentioned before, attending the Hudson River School for Landscape Painting (HRSL) was a great experience in large part because I was introduced to so many talented artist that shared similar desires to paint the landscape. Here is a link to a list of those artist here

I am posting a couple more of my drawings from HRSL. It was humbling to be around such talented artist and display my meager attempts. But I took courage in Durand advice in his letters on landscape painting. He advised students not to get discouraged with failed attempts but to "meet with courage and perseverance every difficulty in the progress of your studies, and patiently endure the frequent discouragements attending your failures and imperfect efforts."

Tree Studies

This summer I had the chance to attend the Hudson River School for Landscape Painting. It was a great experience to be surrounded by talented artists and a beautiful landscape (when it wasn't raining).

On the recommended reading list was a series of letters that Asher Durand wrote for inspiring landscape artist. In the first letter he advised the student to "master the pencil first" and "draw with scrupulous fidelity the outlines and contours of sych objects that you select". He further advised the student to begin mastering the components of the landscape such as rocks, trees and foreground plants as a prelude to painting finished landscapes. These are my attempts to follow his advice. There will be more forthcoming.