Friday, December 5, 2008

Rainy Days

A day into the workshop my $7.00 folding chair broke. So, I was left to find a rock or log for support for several days until the new chair I ordered arrived. Unfortunately it rain several of those days I was waiting, oh did I forget to mention that I was waiting for my umbrella as well. One of the days I was waiting it happened to rain. I remember it fondly, sitting on a towel on a rock, slightly sheltered by the branches of the trees, with my sketchbook and only my poncho to cover me in what seemed like a monsoon. Despite the circumstances I felt like I was able to produce a fair drawing. Note: The dark specks are were the paper was wet and I drew into it, making it impossible to erase.

For anyone wanting to see photos of the workshop you can check them out here


>>>paper muncher<<< said...

waaaay cool! I've been thinking about the element of danger in drawing. Like, what if you were ollyandsuzi and had only a handful of seconds to paint a picture of a hyena while a real of wild hyenas surrounded you? What if you drew pictures in your prison cell, waiting for that lethal injection? or what if you drew because if you stopped you wouldn't have a paycheck?

Aaron said...

this is some super cool stuff Jamine! sorry to hear you had such a rough time of it out there.

shannon said...

Hi Jamine, I like this drawing. Lovely line quality.