Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Self Portrait

I've been studying Rembrandt lately and been intrigued with the way he applies paint. For me that solves the expressive nature I have been seeking lately in my work. I've also tried to fined that balance between expression and accuracy. I love some of Van Gogh's self portraits for their expressive nature, but they fail to satisfy the accuracy that I seek. Rembrandt seem to do a good job at both. I did a Rembrandt copy in oil before this self portrait hoping some of his influence would rub off on me.


Stooball said...

Very nice! Has the definite look of classical works!


Sakievich said...

Looks great. I get to do a couple of Rembrandt copies this semester at the MET which I'm really looking forward to.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Very cool. Nice beard. :)