Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In Progress

Painting update on Riley. Working on painting the smaller shapes. I have to constantly remind myself to paint shapes of color and to proceed from the largest shape to the smallest. My teach er would say start with a broom and end with needle. For those interested I am painting this is Photoshop and I am only using the Airbrush Pen Opacity Flow Brush to paint and the heal brush to blend.


Carol H. said...

She's looking good! I've really enjoyed watching your progression pieces, I just love seeing the artist's whole creative process.

Jiddje said...

Nice to see the step-by-step progress. It's a very nice portrait.

Grassman said...

nice piece man. i won't be there thur but a week from thur i will. do you still want to trade off the videos?

also could i get patrick devonas' phone number?? no rush