Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Tall Order

I decided a couple of weeks to copy a Rembrandt painting in oil. While I would have loved to paint it from the original at the Met, I will have to settle for painting from a photo that I took while I visited the Met. The photo does not show the impasto in the lights. If I get around to it I'll photograph a detail of it. I have about 10 hours invested so far with plenty more to follow. I'll post a photo the painting when I'm finished.


Grassman said...

nice stuff man!! this is about as good a copy as i've seen around here. i like the face build up.

i'm starting to do a lot of copying too. going to the byu museum of art about 18 hrs / week drawing and painting from the paintings there.

So you should come check out my studio sometime man.
btw, if you want another model session i'm going to be setting up one once / week. 6 / hr. 2 hr pose at my studio. sometime during week not sure when...

there is enough room and i have tons of different lighting options. it will probably be draped though

i'll keep you posted but probably start up middle of july. linked you to my blog.

keep it up. not to crazy about the drapery but the head is great

Grassman said...


please refer to post "Finalized updated drawing sessions" as i need 4 days in advance to set it up. starting next week.

also i have about 20 paintings that i need to get rid of that i would like to do a trade off with you if your interested when you come over.

Grassman said...


For questions concerning the model sessions and how they will work please refer to the post "Official procidure and information for Art Models"

dobby said...

again, i must visit this blog everyday. i love work, man!! your painting and sketching so amazing man!

Grassman said...

my first model session is this fri from 1:30 - 3:45,

it is currently full. I am needing anyone interested in next weeks schedule for mon - wed no later than 7:30 thur evening, post back here. and for thur - sat posted back her no later than sun evening at 7:30.

I will only be doing 2 2hr sessions next week. we can do either head studies or draped figure studies.

first come first serve. I will let you know when they are filled by 8:00 pm this thurs for the first part of the week and 8:00 pm Sun for the second part of the week.

again it's three dollars / hr so a total of 6.00. I will not waight longer than 5 minutes. once its 5 after I close the studio so be prompt.

you can either draw or paint. I have the eisles so you just need to bring your supplies.

this will be the schedule and time allotment I will be doing for the models for this whole month untill august, possibly more depending on the demand. I respond only to responces on this blogspot so don't try to call unless your a travi or a rockstar and i probably won't respond to your email if you email me directly unless i know you and have had correspondence with you already through email like jamin.

I'm setting these communication restrictions because i need to focus only on painting and minimize the time i set this up to 1/2 hr thur night from 7:30 - 8:00 and 1/2 fri night from 7:30 - 8:00 which will be the times you get a response.

I would love to have anyone come over thats interested. by august i will plan on doing more time but for at least the next 2 weeks I will only be doing 4 hrs/ week with two sessions and possibly 6 after that. At the most I will only be doing 10 hrs per week though.

first come first serve and my freaken cell phoine is lost near the BYU moa as of yesterday so if your going crazy trying to get a hold of me thatsthe situation. if you really neeed to email me or call my grandpa's house at 785.1222

furthermore, please refer to my posts "Gallery for our artwork" and Elite lighting in studio for model sessions ($1,600) worth of it.

I'm off to the MOA to paint from Sargent this afternoon as well as meet with the director to see if we can work out several times / month to copy the paintings


Grassman said...


Please refer to the post
"Model shoots, photoshoots, poses options, and outfit prices and breadowns for both artist and models blog for finalized info on model seesions."

hope to have you over soon.

grass attack

Grassman said...

july 7-12th is tentatively filled, if something changes i will let you know.